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Paul Diamond was invited to Abuja, Nigeria to discuss religious liberty in the light of the problematic nature of the approach of UN Human Rights Groups.

Paul Diamond has been instructed in relation to an international arrest warrant for a non National who has advocated anti Semitism and extremism.

Paul Diamond appeared in the Glasgow Employment Tribunal on behalf of Rev. Masih due to his removal from a Community Radio Station for discussing religious differences with Islam.  The Employment Tribunal considered the scope of Directive 2000/78 and made a References to the Court of Justice of the European Communities, Luxembourg.  The Reference was recalled later.


Paul Diamond was instructed by an anti-abortion campaigner in a case over payment of the BBC licence fee: Telegraph Article

Paul Diamond successfully took a judgment to the Information Tribunal to force the Department of Health (DoH) to release the statistics it holds on late abortions. Paul Diamond and The ProLife Alliance were congratulated on taking the matter to the Information Tribunal, and winning. There must be a public debate on late abortions (Telegraph)

Paul Diamond represented Lesley Pilkington as she appealed the revocation of her senior accredited status after being secretly recorded by an undercover journalist during a counselling session. The journalist was a homosexual man who deceived her into believing that he wanted counselling for unwanted same-sex attraction. Mrs Pilkington confirmed that she would be happy to meet with…

The think-tank Centre for Social Cohesion sought legal advice from barrister Paul Diamond,  to seek, independently, an arrest warrant from a magistrate for Dr Ibrahim Moussawi, an Islamic extremist, who was due to visit Britain in March 2009. Campaigners will seek arrest of Islamic radical (Telegraph)

Lydia Playfoot was told by her school that she was not allowed to wear her purity ring, a sign of her commitment to sexual purity before marriage, as it broke the school’s uniform policy. Lydia and others had been wearing the rings for 18 months. The uniform policy prohibited all jewellery except ear studs, yet…

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