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  • 2007: Speaker in Parliament on ‘Right to convert in International Law’
  • June 2004 Paper on ‘The Religion of Secularism’ The Heritage Foundation, Washington DC
  • June 2004 Paper on ‘The Non-Sectarian Public Forum’ (sponsored by Federalist Society, Ave Maria University and Catholic Institute of Human Rights), Rome Italy.


  • Relationships Foundation Article (section 3.12): see link
  • Education and the Law (1999) ‘Is corporal punishment contrary to the Convention?’
  • Public Procurement Law Review (1995) ‘The scope of Directive 92/50’
  • Modern Law Review (1991) ‘Dishonourable Defences: The use of Injunctions and the EEC Treaty’

Paul Diamond took the unprecedented step of suing the Bar Council due to interference with his practice. This course of conduct was unfortunate, but Paul has a duty to fearlessly represent his clients; and to prevent certain members of Bar Council from ending his practice.  On 5th May 2005 Mr. Justice Hart severely criticised the Bar Council of England and Wales for their acts against Paul Diamond

Published in 2005 on

For more on Paul Diamond’s suing of the Bar Council see the following link and link

  • Ukrainian Parliament: Paul Diamond was invited to speak to the Ukrainian Parliament, Kiev in 2010.

Paul Diamond has a growing practice and has argued a number of groundbreaking cases on religious rights:

These are the Judgments in Paul’s two favourite cases:

Unreported Cases in the Law reports:

  • Robert George: The Times, (Front Page), 8 March 1991 (case for Keep Sunday Special Campaign on the issue of Sunday working, where the employer acted unreasonably).
  • St George’s Hospital, The Times (Front Page) 7 August 1996 (First injunction secured to prevent an abortion under Abortion Act 1967)

Other Cases and Issues:

  • Hallelujah, an Easter victory as Christian electrician wins battle to display cross in his van. Paul Diamond was instructed by Colin Atkinson in an employment dispute about a cross in the van he drove: Hallelujah! An Easter victory as Christian electrician wins battle to display cross in his van
  • Reparative Therapy. Paul Diamond has been instructed on behalf of a therapist engaged in sexual re-orientation to represent her before the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP): The therapist who claims she can help gay men go straight
  • Paul Diamond was instructed by an anti abortion campaigner in a case over payment of the BBC licence fee: see link:  Devout Catholic gran refuses to pay licence fee over ‘deeply offensive’ Jerry Springer – The Opera
  • ProLife: Paul Diamond was instructed to appear on behalf of the ProLife Alliance before the Information Tribunal over the Department of Health’s refusal to publish full abortion statistics: (Front Page) see link: Paul Diamond was sucessful; see newspaper comment: see link. This case addresses the Department of Health censoring of abortion statistics and came to full trial on 1 June. Expert witnesses included the former Home Office Minister Anne Widdecombe MP and the surgeon Mr Stuart Campbell. Front Page, Sunday Telegraph, 7 December 2008. Editorial Comment Sunday Telegraph 18 October 2009.
  • David Booker: A housing association employee who was suspended for having a private conversation on religion; an important case on whether employees can ever discuss religious topics at work. Charity worker suspended over ‘religious debate’ with work colleague
  • Hizbollah Spokesman: Visa granted to terrorist to enter United Kingdom; Paul Diamond was instructed to take effective legal measures against Dr. Moussawi. Thereafter, the Home Secretary banned the individual. Campaigners will seek arrest of Islamic radical
  • Kwabena Peat: Dismissal and re-instatement of a teacher who objected to the promotion of homosexual lifestyle to children. Daily Mail on Sunday 26th April 2009 and Daily Mail on Sunday 2nd August 2009.
  • Dr. Sheila Matthews: Dismissal and re-instatement of medical doctor who objected to the placement of adopted children in same sex unions: Reported in Sunday Telegraph, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and others on 19th, 20th and 25th July 2009.
  • Australia. Paul Diamond was invited to Australia by the Ambrose Centre for Religious Liberty. He spoke at the Federal Parliament, the University of Sydney and a dinner at the Law Society hosted by the Ambrose Centre. The visit attracted a considerable degree of interest: see link, link ; In addition, Paul Diamond met with Cardinal Pell: . Paul Diamond thereafter attended meetings in Washington DC.
  • On 19th June 2007 Paul spoke at the European Leadership Forum, Eger, Hungary on issues facing the Christian Church.
  • On 5th June 2007, Paul met the UN Special Rapporteur of Religion or Belief Asma Jahangir. The meeting was attended by Mark Hill and Samantha Knight.
  • On 11th May 2007, Paul attended the World Congress of Families at the Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland. The conference was addressed by US Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey.
  • On 30th July 2007, Letter to The Times Newspaper on ‘Judgeocracy’:
  • 2007: Speaker at Bar Human Rights Group, European Leadership Forum and Lawyers Christian Fellowship Litigation Academy; Speaker in Parliament on ‘Right to Convert in International Law’ .
  • On 3rd September 2005, Paul met the Pakistani Prime Minister Aziz at his residence. The meeting was organised by Christian Solidarity Worldwide. The delegation was headed by David Drew MP (Labour) and consisted of Mr. Stuart Windsor (Director CSW) and Ben Rogers (Deputy of Conservative Party Human Rights Commission). The discussion focused on religious freedom and the use of the blasphemy laws in Pakistan.
  • Trial observer in Court of Appeal, Ankara, Turkey, 1997, International Trial Observer Swedish Supreme Court 2005.
  • The Times Lawyer of the Week (December 2005)
  • Paper on ‘The Non-Sectarian Public Forum’ (sponsored by Federalist Society, Ave Maria University and Catholic Institute of Human Rights) Rome June 2004.
  • Adviser to Baroness Young on Section 13 of Human Rights Act, 1998.
  • Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame, Indiana (London School) 1994-96 (International Human Rights Law).